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بلدية الغبيري

يقيم مركز بلدية #الغبيري للتدريب المهني المعجّل #جمعية_البركة دورة Revit L1 #online عبر تطبيق Zoom
مدة الدورة : 30 ساعة
الإفتتاح : الأربعاء 24/2/2021
الساعة : 6:30 مساء
للتسجيل : التواصل عبر Whatsapp على الرقم 01/275310
Basic training for Revit outline:
1. Presenting the importance of treating and achieving assigned objective of Clever Design
in Revit.
2. Program Added value - Role - Objectives - Domains.
3. Building a foundation of essential studies knowledge for Architects, Engineers, Interior
Designers and Contractors.
4. Developing the collaboration of design & studies during the life cycle of a project from
inception till closing.
5. Framework - Linking between Revit & softwares.
6. Features and services:
- Designing - Modelling.
- Scheduling (B.O.Q.) - Exporting to other softwares.
- Presenting Projects.
Course requirements:
Laptop should include Revit ( General ) program version 2020
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